Thursday, July 26, 2007

Controvery at Quebec Open

Round 6 of the Quebec Open Championship was a controversial one. The game: Anastasovski, Nikola v John Yoos was at the centre of attention. Richard Berube, executive director of Fédération Québécoise des Echecs, and a member of the appeals commitee that was formed to address the situation, explained the sequence of events as he understood them.

Richard Berube: A phone rang during the game. We believed at the time that the phone belonged to Mr. Anastasovski, and in front of severel witnessess he ran out of the room. But, afterward we could not find a phone on his person, and Mr. Anastasovski denied having one. The arbiter decided that the game must go on, and the game was continued under protest by Mr. Yoos, and Mr. Yoos won. However, the phone was discovered at the front desk of the hotel, it was in an envelope under the name of Nikola Anastasovski. An appeals committee was formed, and the recomendation of the appeals committee was to expell Mr. Anastasovski from the tournament. However, head arbiter Yves Casaubon, decided not to expell Mr. Anastasovski.

Mr. Anastasovski has since withdrawn from the tournament.

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